Sep 14

Marx Okereke At #InnercityXPerience Tour 2015

On the 29th Aug 2015 Marx Okereke celebrated with Club X International, a gospel entertainment body to mark her 6th anniversary with an #InnercityXperience tour to Otumara Ilaje Community. With the hashtag #EndChildPovertyNOW, the tour was designed to open the minds of its participants on the reality of the life of the indigent child.


The Otumara-Ilaje community is a typical slum area located at the heart of Lagos Mainland in Nigeria with very little access to basic necessities of life such as clean water, housing, sanitation etc. The tour participants had the opportunities to visit families that have been impacted by the various initiatives of the Innercity mission. The tour also witnessed the attendance and involvements of other Music Artistes in the gospel environment Joe Praize, Nosa, Casey ED, Sam Jamz, Viva, Soltune, Mr. Noble, Snipper and a few.

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Marx Okereke
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