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Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artiste Marx Okereke will be on tour live in Europe starting April till June 2016. The three months scheduled promotional music tour which is also titled INSPIRIT TOUR EUROPE will witness various activities that includes concert appearances, album autograph sessions, radio interviews, unplugged session recordings and more. Do kindly stay tuned on his social media accounts for prospective dates on activities scheduled in various cities in Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and a few others near you.

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Marx Okereke
RT @OfficialAlthena: 4 year old worship leader! He is so cute 😂💙 https://t.co/7vtrlXO1L7
Marx Okereke
RT @loa_thesecret: The universe creates what the mind expects
Marx Okereke
RT @loa_thesecret: Begin to form visions, feelings and self talk that more closely matches your dreams.
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